Safe Shutdown
3.5mm audio port
LED power indicator
2.8 inch IPS screen
Game Boy inspired Raspberry Pi case
Compatible with Raspberry Pi ZERO, ZERO W

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As a homage to the 8-bit handheld game console, Game Boy, not only does it carry the same looks, it also includes additional features like X/Y buttons
hidden L/R shoulder buttons as well as POWER.

OS support

Recalbox system is recommended.

No need to safe shutdown scripts.
* Download:

Retropie system, safe shutdown scripts is necessary.
GPi CASE can have SAFE SHUTDOWN functions. (Scripts are necessary).
* Safe shutdown scripts:

Pogo Pins

Solderless and effortless to install.

Raspberry Pi Zero

Micro SD port

IO conversion board

Cartridge backside


Raspberry Pi ZERO and ZERO W

  • 1. POWER switch
  • 2. DC power input
  • 3. Brightness
  • 4. 3.5mm headphone jack
  • 5. Speaker
  • 6. Volume
  •  7. USB port for firmware upgrade
  •  8. R shoulder button
  •  9. L shoulder button
  • 10. Safe Shutdown Switch
  • 11. Battery pocket

Tech Specs


Case dimensions

  • 135*81*32mm
  • Weight

  • 183g
  • Compatibility

  • Raspberry Pi ZERO
  • Raspberry Pi ZERO W
  • Screen size

  • 2.8"
  • Battery

  • AA Battery *3
  • Includes

  • GPi CASE
  • USB to DC 2.5 x 0.7mm Power Cable
  • Instruction manual